Fuel Stations – Olerex

AS Olerex is one of the largest fuel retailers in Estonia, serving millions of customers in a year. In recent years, Olerex has repeatedly been named Estonia’s fastest growing fuel company, with 95 full-service stations and auto-filling stations all over Estonia today. All Olerex filling stations use the Astro Baltics NOOM fuel station solution for day-to-day management.

At Olerex filling stations, all automation is integrated with Astro Baltic’s unique filling station control unit, which allows you to control the entire service station. In this way, the operation of the pumps and the level of the fuel tank can be controlled through NOOM, control of price charts, self-service payment solutions, cash sales, etc. It is also possible to link different payment solutions such as customer and credit cards, ID cards and different discount cards to NOOM.

Olerex solution enables to:

  • Organize retail;
  • Manage pumps from the POS system;
  • Check the fuel level in the fuel tank and generate corresponding reports;
  • Use different payment and identification solutions such as cash, credit and debit cards, customer and ID cards;
  • Change fuel prices on the electronic price display;
  • Manage all the business processes of the petrol station through NOOM business software.


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  • Fuel Stations – Olerex

    Fuel Stations – Olerex

    AS Olerex is one of the largest fuel retailers in Estonia, serving millions of customers in a year. In recent …
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