Self-Service POS Car Washes

Jazz Car Washes is a car wash chain that is based on Estonian capital and offers various vehicle cleaning services. The trademark Jazz Car Washes was adopted in 2003.
Jazz Car Washes helps all car owners find the most suitable solution for cleaning their cars. Most of the processes in their car wash are automated in order to offer clients a five-star service.

Astro Baltics Self-Service POS Solutions in car washes start with a simple card payment terminal where the physical, virtual or mobile client card is registered. After the client has been identified they can continue on with card payment. However, the solution made for the self-service Jazz Car Washes is more complex. In addtion to dispensing paper notes we had to integrate coin and token dispensers. Next key point is the washing machinery that had to get fully automated and integrated with all the previous steps of process.

Thanks to the number of successful car washes and the lack of software or hardware malfunctioning Jazz Car Washes is able to service more than 4000 cars a day! The feedback from customers has been very positive, stating that our self-service solution helps save time and makes the process itself an interesting experience. Since staisfied customers are our priority we are looking forward to paticipate in further innovative projects!

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  • Self-Service POS Car Washes

    Self-Service POS Car Washes

    Jazz Car Washes is a car wash chain that is based on Estonian capital and offers various vehicle cleaning services. …
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