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From 01.05.2015 pricelist:

Development consultant programmingDevelopment works in different programming languages 105,00 €/h
Development consultant designworksDesign, sketches, presentations 80,00 €/h
Project management servicesProject management, negotiations, goals 55,00 €/h
Software consultant servicesAdjustment works, tuning, consultations, data import/export 55,00 €/h
Business Analysis and management based servicesBusiness analysis, consultations, management accounting 65,00 €/h
Hardware consultant servicesPreset, adjustment, diagnostics, monitoring, installation, consultations 45,00 €/h
Server related service-feesServer settings, settings, diagnostics, installation, consultations 60,00 €/h
Challange fees outside Tartu and TallinnWe consider the distance between two destinations points in kilometers 1,0 €/km
Service packages
“Day with the Client!”Software consultant time with the client, which is used to deal with client specific needs. 250,00 €/package
Update insuranceWith update insurance we quarantee You all the updates that are caused by the change of law without asking any extra fee. from 50 € p/m
Partnership contractWith partnership contract we provide you monthly prearranged amount of Astro Baltics resources, to provide your companies growth. With bigger resources we allocate your company a personal assistant, who is going to be your companys certain contact person in Astro Baltics. from 50 € p/m
Customer SupportCustomer support service provides You first priority access to our customer support consultants. With priority access we provide monthly a sufficient amount of our conultants time to answer your questions about the program. from 50 € p/m
Hardware SupportHardware support provides your computer park upkeep for prevention ,and mantainance work, for outstanding work we can arrange a different time. from 50 € p/m

The final price of our services depends on your comapny´s needs and pecularity. Ask for more, and specific offer from our Sales Manager.

All the Service Packages, and services prices are shown without VAT.